Monday, May 30, 2011

Day 3 - Beachy Invite

Today, I figured it was time to get started on the invite I promised I would make for a friend. I hope she likes it. This was a prototype, I'll be using a salmon colored shimmer paper on the bottom and a light turquoise paper for the top layer. After looking at it I am thinking about using pearls instead of the clear crystals. I'll post the REAL one's after the event. :o)


  • Cricut

  • SCAL2

  • Cri-Kits Holder and Pen :o)

  • iRock

  • Mybeachboardersquare svg file (found online)

  • Paper, crystals

Take care, Jeanine

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Day 2 - Diaper Cake

The Diaper Cake was another gift that I made for the baby shower we attended yesterday. I was able to find some cute diapers from Pampers that were pink. So cute. You can see my daughter's hand there on the right. She helped.

If you haven't made a Diaper Cake before you need a large pack of diapers, tape, and ribbon. I used painters tape. You roll the diapers up like a cinnamon roll, adding a new diaper ever roll or so. Where does the tape come in? I used it on the bottom layer to keep the roll together. I taped the diapers together at different points. Once you are done rolling them up, you tie them with a long ribbon. Last but not least, you can stuff Baby Items in to the cake.


  • Box of Pampers Diapers (Size 3)

  • Tape

  • Ribbon

  • Cute Baby Items for stuffing

  • The Baby Wordbook is listed in Day 1 of my Blog. :O)

I did find a video to help people see how the cakes are made. Super easy. (There are a few different ways to do the cakes, you can search Diaper Cakes on YouTube to find one you like.)


Day 1 - Baby Word Book

Okay I started off my Craft - A -Day yesterday with a "Baby Wordbook". One of Robert's high school buddies is becoming a Grandpa and we were invited to the shower. So I made a Baby Wordbook. I found the cut file in the blogosphere a few months ago and knew I would use it.

I did make two of them. That is my new thing, to make two or more of all the things I make. That way I have a few things in my made box to use in a crafting emergency. LOL




Baby wordbook cut file

DCWV Glam Girl Paper Pad


Sizzix Heart Folder

Ink for Edges

A Craft a Day - Summer

I've created a challenge for myself this summer. I am going to do a craft a day while on summer vacation. I originally wanted to do a scrapbook layout a day, but I know that will not happen. My hope is that most of the days will be layouts. But life does happen. Keep an eye out for each days craft. :O)