Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Day 5 - A New Outlook on Crafting

Okay, so yesterday I cleaned out my crafting room (really it's smaller then most bathrooms). So today I got down to business and made a few scrapbook pages. They are of my son's first few Halloweens.

(He saw them and said "Mom, Please tell me you are NOT hanging those up!" I said, "No sweetie", I just didn't mention I was putting them on the internet.)

I used the DCWV Boys Will Be Boys Paper Pack for both layouts and some string from the junk drawer. Enjoy!! Jeanine

Day 4 - Craft Room Disaster - FIXED

Okay, so I went to craft yesterday and was paralyzed by fear that everything on my crafting table would come crashing down and I would have to use my Aflac Accident Policy (might be nice to actually use it). Instead of doing my famous, close the door and worry about it tomorrow (Scarlet O'Hara and I get along swimmingly), I chose to do something about it. So I closed the door and went to IKEA and bought a shelving unit. I put it together and started organizing. It is not beautiful, but it is done and I know where stuff is. ~ Jeanine